Withers Consulting Group is the trading name of Withers Consultancy Group LLP in the United Kingdom and Withers Consulting Group LLC in the United States (together, “WCG”).

Their principal owners are, respectively, the law firms Withers LLP in the United Kingdom and Withers Bergman LLP in the United States.Nevertheless, the entities comprising WCG (i) operate as separate entities from their law firm owners, and (ii) do not provide legal services or otherwise engage in the practice of law. Clients retaining WCG will not enter into an attorney/solicitor-client relationship with WCG and any services provided by WCG will be provided outside of the attorney/solicitor-client relationship.

Nothing contained on this Website is intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be construed as WCG agreeing to provide legal or other services to you.  For the avoidance of doubt WCG is not authorised or regulated by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority or any other professional body.