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Article first published in Private Banker International

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Governance – Infatuated with formality

Governance isn’t always formal, sometimes it happens naturally.

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Trusts for the trusted

Trusts are often used by parents to protect and preserve assets for beneficiaries who otherwise might not manage them well, but a trust can be valuable for sensible self supporting children too.

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Selling your business

Whether or not to sell your business, and when to sell are among the most important decisions that you have to face as an owner.


Passing the baton – the next generation

Transfers of business interests to the next generation create all sorts of thorny issues, but one of the very thorniest is money.

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Inheriting wealth – A curse or a blessing?

Warren Buffett’s widely-publicized decision to transfer most of his wealth to charitable foundations rather than to his children and grandchildren has sparked discussion about whether inheriting wealth might be a curse rather than a blessing.

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Using trusts effectively

How can business-owning families use trusts to transfer ownership between generations, without demotivating and disengaging the next generation?

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