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ARTICLE Infatuated-with-formality-(web)

Governance – Infatuated with formality

Governance isn’t always formal, sometimes it happens naturally.

ARTICLE Trust in family business

Who do you trust?

In order to inject trust into a governance structure there is one key question families must ask: Who do we trust?  

ARTICLE Divorce-in-family-business
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The natural advantage of enterprising families

Every enterprising family is different but they all face a common challenge; how to balance the competing demands for resources.

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Family businesses are all dysfunctional, right?

That depends on what’s meant by ‘dysfunctional’, and whether the term is applied to the business or the family. This article tackles the debate.

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Beware conventional corporate governance

Is it safe, or wise, for family businesses to base their corporate governance on the version used by companies whose shares are publicly traded?

In some families, ownership will be all about maximising the financial return for the current generation.

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How to work with your family and still enjoy Sunday dinner

One of the advantages of having your own business is the opportunity to work with your nearest and dearest.

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