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Selling your business

Whether or not to sell your business, and when to sell are among the most important decisions that you have to face as an owner.

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So what is the family anyway?

The problem with ‘The Family’ is that there is no such thing, at least not when it comes to wealth management.

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Inheriting wealth – A curse or a blessing?

Warren Buffett’s widely-publicized decision to transfer most of his wealth to charitable foundations rather than to his children and grandchildren has sparked discussion about whether inheriting wealth might be a curse rather than a blessing.

For a family just embarking on multi-generational wealth planning, questions usually center on how best to pass wealth to children.

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Avoiding unnecessary complexity

Over the years, I have seen clients become almost mesmerized by the intricate features of complex planning structures – multiple trusts, holding companies, interlocking entities, tiered partnerships, freeze or preferred return structures.

This post begins a series on transferring ownership of family businesses to the next generation.

Who owns the assets in a trust? Most families who create a trust assume that “the family” or perhaps “the beneficiaries” own the assets, but in fact the trustee is the legal owner under common law.

For the next few posts I’m going to shift the focus away from business succession planning and toward the more general topic of multi-generational planning.

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