Success brings rewards and challenges for individuals and families. When the lives of a family are connected through different types of assets, such as commercial businesses, financial assets or property, and activities like philanthropy, decisions are often made on the fly. Everyone knows ‘how we do it around here’.

As these decisions become increasingly complex – maybe a family grows larger, becomes more diverse and/or moves further apart – these understandings, assumptions and expectations can become misunderstandings, mistaken assumptions and unfulfilled expectations.

Withers Consulting Group can help to ensure that decision-making keeps up with complexity, in order to prevent real risk.

Just some of the issues we have helped clients to deal with:

  • How do we protect and share our family wealth – fairly?
  • I’m worried about what happens when I’m gone
  • We need to get organised
  • One of the family wants out – what do we do?
  • How do we ensure our family and business values are passed on?
  • When will the senior generation decide what they want?
  • When will the next generation tell us what they want?
  • I sold my business last year, so why can’t I sleep at night?
  • Where do we find the right people to help?

All too often questions such as these remain on the ‘we’ll deal with them tomorrow’ pile, either for technical or emotional reasons, which can lead to resentment and store up problems for the future.


‘We help families make big decisions – better’


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