A bit about me

I have spent a significant part of my career to date, as a practicing lawyer now located in New York, working with families, focusing on business, governance and regulatory issues. This has given me a deep appreciation of the need to keep a family’s underlying goals as the guiding principle in providing more technical advice – and the difficulties that ensue when these goals are not clear or are not shared among family members.

Withers Consulting Group and its family enterprise consulting framework enables me to assist families in understanding the personal, inter-personal and familial relationships that help shape the goals that should drive the decisions made by family offices and family businesses. While I continue to practice law, I am excited to be expanding my reach to a deeper level of the family dynamic. I am very clear where the boundary lies between my role as a Withers Consulitng Group consultant and my separate on-going role as a lawyer, which I think our clients will understand too.

The WCG consulting framework provides a unique process to help families decide why they want to continue in a shared enterprise and what each family member must do or become to support the family’s shared vision.

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