Our family business consultants help family businesses, family offices and
entrepreneurs define and achieve their vision of success.
Advising on governance and transitions.

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Unconventional Continuity

The story of Novus Property Solutions – After over a century the Seddon family took the decision to partition their construction and property services business. Find out why success for the Seddons didn’t mean continuing as they had done before.

Mar '15 18

The balancing act – shaping destiny through philanthropy

In the second part of our series for family members and senior family office managers, Amelia Renkert-Thomas alongside guest speaker Holland Dunn will lead a discussion regarding the diverse and compelling efforts families are undertaking in the areas of philanthropy.  

Who we are

Withers Consulting Group was founded by Ken McCracken
in the UK and Amelia Renkert-Thomas in the US, two
acknowledged leading lights in consultancy to
successful families and entrepreneurs…

Ken McCracken

Ken has been educating and advising families,
family businesses and family offices since 1995.

Amy Renkert - Thomas

Amy draws on her personal and professional
experience of the challenges families face.


How we can help

Success brings many rewards for individuals and families but also many challenges. When a family owns assets together – whether a business, investments, a vacation home, or an art collection – family decision-making through the generations is based on common understandings, assumptions and expectations.


How we work

At the core of the Withers Consulting process are three questions every family and entrepreneur needs to answer to define their vision for success:

  • • Why do we want to stay together?
  • • What kind of enterprising family do we want to become?
  • • How do we do it?

Case studies

Success brings many rewards and challenges for individuals and families. Hear our clients personal stories.


How can we help you?

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